Short Stories

Deep Beyond

Thrust into a dark void, the protagonist must summon all his mental powers to pass the test of his psyche shielding skills. The story is set in the future where aliens have overrun the Earth. Humanity’s future depends on a handful of well-trained individuals who can counteract the enemy’s attempt to suffocate the human soul and bring about either our subjugation or our extinction. Using what his master taught him “intellect constructs barriers and spirit shatters walls”, the protagonist must sharpen his mind in order to pierce the darkness. Journey with J310008-John as he discovers the necessary mental acuity honed through powerful meditative skills needed to extract himself from the Deep Beyond in order to fight for humanity.



Due his mother’s impending marriage to an ethnically Chinese man, Kraus, the forlorn academic, is forced to confront his deep rooted racist views in order to overcome the prejudices instilled in him by his father. The story focuses on the antiquated advice given to the protagonist by a group of out-of-touch racists professors. Their small-minded intellectual discussion clarifies Kraus’ true feelings in the end.



The story begins in a dystopian world where out of control AI systems have attempted to eradicate humanity. Humanity’s extinction is halted by benevolent aliens who momentarily stop the AI hives. The Guides, humanity’s benefactors, announced they had come to take the Earth’s population to the stars. Powerful nations and corporations reacted to the aliens’ presence fearfully due to their unwillingness to surrender their grip on the global populace. As the Guides mingled with the people of Earth, the powerful decided to counter the Guides benevolence with propaganda and rebuilt meta-AI hives. When the security forces struck, the Guides transported humanity to the stars and struck down the malevolent forces of greed. Experience a future where aliens help us reveal our true humanity.


Uncertainty Quicksilver

The story takes place in later years of the 21st Century where business is only conducted after participants submit to nano-level body scans to thwart corporate intellectual property theft. Alice the protagonist had her DNA altered before she was trained in the art of the ultra-tea ceremony. High-level negotiations were conducted over ultra-tea, and the strict customs of the ultra-tea ceremony permitted face-to-face negotiations to be conducted without fear of mutual exposure to spying. Unbeknownst to her Alice’s employers had manipulated her body in a very specific way to overcome the safeguards of the ultra-tea ceremony. When the other side goes decidedly old school in their attempt to gain the upper hand, Alice countered with a high-tech defense gift from her father. The story’s title is taken from a potent protective substance. Enjoy this peek at the future of industrial espionage.


The Whittlin’ Stick

During difficult economic times individuals have to make sacrifices for the good of their families, and that sacrifice can bring the family together. The story takes place during the Great Depression. The protagonist is a young boy whose beloved grandfather moves in with his family. Whittling had been a family hobby for generations, and with his first try Samuel seemed to have an artistic eye for carving. While the old man taught him the intricacies of woodcarving, the young boy learned about life as well. The boy and his grandfather bond and in the end the old man gives the boy a cherished gift.


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