Plane 14 When Thunder Comes

L1/Japan, Tokyo Raid/1942/pho 14

Crew of Doolittle Raiders Plane #14

Doolittle Raider’s Plane # 14 crash site near the Liu Family Village outside Guangfeng City, Jiangxi province.

The plane crashed half way up the slop the right.

Liu Family Village home near the crash site.

Elder Liu carrying a huge piece of wood.

Elder Liu was just a boy when the Raiders’ B-25 slammed into the mountain near his home.

He told us the villagers stripped the guns off the plane and other large objects hid them in the pond. I asked if they used the guns to fight later, and he laughed. No, we broke it all down for scrap metal. Metal was hard to come by and highly prized.

Path leading up the mountain to the Plane #14 crash site.

My friend, and local historian, Mr. Zheng paid to have this area of the crash site cleared of dense undergrowth.

The metal detector found many fragments in the gulley and along the embankment. All the large pieces had been salvaged back in 1942.

Zheng got quite a bonanza of fragments that day.

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