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Searching for Su Shi: Discovering the genius poet’s final transformation.

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Enjoy this journey of discovery. Read never before translated recipes for medicinal wine and Dongpo Pork created by the happy genius poet/artist. Learn about the two thousand year old Taoist meditation known as “sitting and forgetting”. Follow the writer’s journey of self-discovery and love after suffering two massive coronary events. Travel far off the beaten path in China with the author and his wife on his final trip after twelve years as a lecturer and editor in China. Over one hundred photos are available as a supplement to the essay.

Sample from the Book – Introduction

When Thunder Comes: The untold story of the Doolittle Raiders Chinese rescuers

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When Thunder Comes explores the remarkable intersecting lives of the Chinese rescuers and the Doolittle raiders using personal interviews and an abundance of Chinese media sources. In addition the book explores China before, during and after World Two together with the historic foundation for the indomitable Chinese spirit exemplified by otherwise ordinary Chinese civilians during wartime.
When Thunder Comes reveals some of the story of the Chinese people who risked everything to assist the Doolittle Raiders. By the time America officially entered World War Two China already had suffered over 3,000,000 civilian casualties. The Doolittle Raiders bailed out over stormy mountains and into dark seas, and due to the unswerving aid of local Chinese, sixty four men were rescued. The repercussions of the Doolittle Raid changed the course of World War Two. When Thunder Comes celebrates bravery and courage under fire while revealing the innate compassionate spirit of China.

China Collage: Xi’AnFour Days and Three Thousand Years

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Read about our adventure in ancient Xi’an and our archaeological discoveries outside the famous travel destination.
I lived in China for twelve years during the time when China stepped into the spotlight on the global stage. The China Collage series reveals many aspects of everyday life in the fascinating country. Collages are formed from various once unrelated pieces fitted together to created a deeper meaning. Join me as I construct vignettes of modern and ancient Chinese culture.
This first story is about Xi’An. Xi’An is most famous for the terracotta statues guarding the tomb of the First Emperor of China. But my wife and I explored several less traveled places. We also discovered the location of a long forgotten ancient archaeological sites.

Sample from the Book

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