China Collage

Letters from the Flip Side: Vol. 1 2007 – 2014 (More to Come)

Decades ago, I was inspired by Chinese art on a visit to the Art Institute in Chicago. Motivated by that, and , for a hundred other reasons, I moved to China in 2007. For over a dozen years, my life became a collage of cultural adaptations from living in China during its transition into an economic powerhouse. I was a university lecturer, magazine and newspaper editor and writer, actor and more. We lived in the ancient city of Hangzhou, home to celebrated poets and Marco Polo, which became a center of 21st Century technology. In China, artists told me they harness the creative fire within a metaphysical little universe – xiǎo yǔzhòu. Their artistic artifacts discharge this little universe into the minds of admirers. While creating my little universe, I kept a journal, and regularly exchanged emails with friends. I’ve compiled those into photo essays called the China Collage.

Until I become more or a techno wizard, I will organize these pages chronologically, with a link to the next and previous post on each page. So lets get started:

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten

Episode Eleven

Episode Twelve

Episode Thirteen

Episode Fourteen

Episode Fifteen

Episode Sixteen

Episode Seventeen

Episode Eighteen

Episode Nineteen

Episode Twenty

Episode Twenty-One

Episode Twenty-Two

Episode Twenty-Three

Episode Twenty-Four

Episode Twenty – Five

Episode Twenty – Six

Episode Tweny-Seven

More to Come

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