Increase the Happiness in Life

Life imprints upon our hearts the sacred and the profane. Far too often our true nature contorts to fit social situations in order to feel accepted. But by altering our self for others we compromise our sacred connection to the divine.

There is no need to nurture a false self to experience happiness. You are a wonder just as you are. Do not degrade or denigrate your god-given gifts. Open your eyes to the sublime dimensions spread before you. Holy signs and signals abound.

Once you grasp the humblest truths, oceans spring forth from dewdrops and mountains arise from grains of sand. You are already blessed. Turn off the negatives and switch on the positives. Although you cannot control most daily events, it is within your power to change how you react to them. Abandon self-pity and self-doubt in favor of empowerment and understanding.

Discover within you the pulsating energy of creation. You can create yourself anew. Believe in the capacity of sincerity to wear away apprehension and fear. Let your heartbeat harmonize with the omnipresent patterns of the divine. Find happiness. Live your life wrapped in truth and LOVE.

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Finding Your Own Way

Humans have survived for tens of thousands of years through cunning and guile. We are inventive animals that have created a myriad of ingenious ways to capture and consume. However our environment eventually overcomes our best laid plans.

When met with failure we tend to drift for a time and seek the comfort of other like minded people. Desperate to resolve our angst we can leap headlong into a seemingly endless series of calamities. One day though we must face our troubles reflected on our heart’s mirror.

Seek your true self within your inescapable inner mirror. Seeing the truth is the first step towards healing. It is far too easy to go on deluding ourselves that somehow everything was someone else’s fault. And so we continue to convince ourselves of the general unfairness we faced. But the difficulties remain just below the superficial waiting to rise again to prominence.

Seek your own path by arming yourself with the truth. As Shakespeare said, to thine own self be true. If you can admit the truth to yourself, you can step forward onto the path of healing leading towards a brighter future. You deserve to be happy.

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Able to be Sustainable

We all can enjoy the grandeur and bounty of nature. Humans are animals and as such we feel the need to be part of nature. Some animals, like the horse have been our partners for millennia. These magnificent animals assisted in the creation of human civilization, and continue to assist us today. They also provide us with peaceful recreation.

Some animals like these barnacles move through our world barely noticed. But they too perform a vital function in our world, as does the sea grass and driftwood. Every part of nature has a niche it fills.

Some animals provide for humans. We enjoy crabbing. It is a fine recreation. When crabbing you have to learn about the crabs’ aquatic environs. Patience is a virtue, or so it has been said, and that is especially true with crabbing. The amount of skill involved is minimal really. There is always an element of luck, and that feeds into the superstitions of the sea.

Choose a sustainable way of living. Enjoy the bounty and beauty of nature. Remember the lessons of childhood: Never take more than you need. Clean up after yourself. And smile.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “Nothing can resist the person who smiles at life.”

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The Great Artist is a Simplifier

The title above is a quote from Vincent Van Gogh. Artists summon creativity from out of the void. The pure unrefined energy channeled by the artist is transformative.

In Taoism the Void is not emptiness, but potentiality. All reality is summoned from out of the seeming nothingness. Seeing the display of this summoned force one cannot help but to think of an artist wielding a mighty brush. We are fortunate beings in that we have consciousness and can peer into the Void via the portal-like artifacts.

Time spent pondering such wonders enriches life. Taking focus away from anxiety is not easy, but if you allow your mind to drift along for a while you can soften the emotional impact. Unwinding the mind from deep rooted angst takes time and repetition.

The same creative power summoned by artists will flow into you as well, when you can learn to calm your disquieted mind. Relax. Release. Recharge.

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Save Nature and Ourselves

Perhaps we matter little in the grander scheme of things, but we do matter nonetheless. Each grain of our life slips downslope from the past into the future. This seems counter-intuitive though because we imagine the future as UP (forward, ahead) and the past as DOWN (backward, behind). Over time we alter our environment because it is in our nature to do so.

Humans are not meant to be passive creatures. Our spirits seek the horizon. Our hearts yearn to press against boundaries. But in doing so we need to be mindful of the natural world’s needs.

Human civilization spans gaps and connects spaces. Our societies span the globe as well. Over the course of human history humanity has harnessed the elements to support our ambitions. But other lives need these resources also. Our fellow citizens of earth must be protected from our artificial demands upon their homes.

To sustain our modern civilization our longings have taken us to the four corners of the world. We have sought dominion over the air, the earth, the wind, and the water. These are but a fraction of the elemental dynamism of the universe available to our souls, if we act environmentally. All life seeks survival and propagation. For future generations to survive, we must act now.

Humanity must curb its appetites for development. We are now the largest force acting upon the landscapes of our planet. For civilization to survive into the long future, changes must be made to the course of human events. Each of us can be the force for that change. In that way through symbiosis we all matter in the grander scheme of things.

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Learn the Truth About Yourself

We all must make choices in life. We all make mistakes and suffer the miserable knots of regret. But the negative perspective can be transformed through willpower. The human will is a pliant force. This force can be a double edged sword however.

Like this eel, our will can also trap us in a net of unreality. The distortion of reality by powerful desires can warp our perceptions and urge us to believe in our own self-created magical thinking. In this way we are ensnared by untruths and blinded to the truth by our cravings.

The ravages from raging against reality can consume our vitality and deplete our life-energy. If we are not careful we can become engulfed by the gray bleakness of unfulfilled desire, and the divine spark could be extinguished.

Find the sunlight. Seek the companionship of others. Do not restrict yourself to just your own thoughts. The will to change must come from a balance of interaction and quiet contemplation. Seek the real. Find the truth. Set your foot onto the path with grace and good intentions.

The life you have contains all the universe. The life coursing through your veins waxes and wanes with the tug of willpower. Appreciate what you have been given and cultivate your inner realm in order to see your path. When you discover the true path, stride forward into a brighter future of your making.

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Releasing Anxiety

Our lives are not plotted out ahead. Events do not unfold exactly as we hope they would. The rough spots of our days chafe against our plans and inflame a sense of personal indignation.

Day after day these indignities large and small build up around our hopes and dreams. This buildup limits our perspective on what is possible. And in desperate time our hearts feel hemmed in on all sides. We are trapped by our inability to see beyond the near term. The scope of our lives become limited by the things beyond our control.

One terrible day the emotional dam breaks. We are inundated by complications far beyond our control. The surging of confusion breaks again and again upon the rocks of our resolute soul. In desperation we find there is a point beyond which we will not go.

At that point of clarity, the universe steps in and whispers to the heart in loving affirmation. Release the trauma. Accept that the difficulties will pass. Allow the surface to grow calm once again.

Refocus your thoughts on the precious possibilities of true freedom. Send out the cord of your pleasant dreams and hopes once again. Never stop believing that you are integral to the sacred universe of Love. Heavenly bliss is just below the common surface of the day-to-day. Smell the love in fragrance of moist spring flowers. Feel the joyous softness in a loved ones’ touch. Taste the peaceful sweetness from sun ripened fruit. Hear the holiness in birdsong. See the amazing potential within your beautiful heart. The blue sky will return. Believe deep down in your soul – you are marvelous.

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FOMO Fear of Missing Out

The modern world is filled to the brim with distractions. During our daily life we encounter a myriad of choices. The social media enabled lifestyle pulses with ambivalent anxiety. There must be something missing in my life people tell themselves. It is called the Fear Of Missing Out syndrome.

So many people frantically seek to entertain themselves through vicarious thrills. And they hope someone will notice their “coolness” or whatever the current pop term is. Having fun is wonderful. But always seeking newness and the fantastic leads eventually to disaster.

The Earth is our home and our life-giving mother. Our planet is filled with glorious beauty and amazing life from the micro to the macro. Far too many people though take it all for granted. They live for the short-term experience rather than placing themselves into the ongoing continuum of deep time. They sacrifice the opportunity to reach for the ultimate in exchange for the momentary.

I found this bottle from China on the beach the other day. Imagine the journey it took just to be deposited here thousands of miles away. Imagine too how long this thing will last into the future. Even the glue on the label survived a months long voyage across the Pacific. (I always remove litter and put it in the trash can on my way back home)

Just down the beach from the bottle I discovered this organic seaweed sculpture. I admired it contours for minutes while trying to imagine the natural forces that shaped it. Pausing to admire the natural world offers us a portal into the greater universe. The celestial fingers that fashioned this organic art wield the same power that sets the heavens in motion. We are all part of that dazzling eternal procession.

Find the connection between your heart and the stars and you will never be bored again. Your daily life can be buoyed by the grandest panoply imaginable.

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Poem Together We Flourish

Humans long for companionship. Our hearts yearn to beat in unison with another life. Pets can comfort and cheer us, but having another person who cares for you can calm the howling winds.

Alone we survive. Together we flourish.

What a glorious day when from out of the windswept sands steps someone who cares.

Your hearts soar together. The clouds clear. And your worlds change forever.

Open your eyes to potential happiness. Do not let the sands of time flow away too easily. Thrive in effective thinking.

Let Love take root!

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Power of Positive Thinking

Many oddities wash up on the beach. From the vastness of the ocean a variety of flotsam and jetsam gets deposited on the sand and then they wash away or get incorporated into the beach itself. Negative events or emotions are like this. When stray shadows fall upon our hearts, we have to learn to either cast them back into the void or reshape them into clues which offer a deeper understanding of our inner selves.

There are people who spend their lives casting off harsh comments and hurtful observations about others. Like spoiling fishing bait they toss off painful remarks and unhappy emotions. Some people flock to this distressing trail, and are happy to feast on the gloomy pessimism.

While others gather up the cast off pain in order to refute the harsh reality presented by melancholy egoists. There needs to be more positive souls such as these who are willing to shine a piercing light through cynical narratives.

In the end it all comes down to a matter of perspective. You can chose to alter your perception filters. You can change your negative reaction to events. You can begin to live a happier life. Search your heart for your shining star to guide you towards a better life.


Believe in yourself. Life can be a bowl of cherries.

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