Manifest Your Inner Artist

“Art is standing with one hand extended into the Universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.”

Albert Einstein

All creativity involves revealing one’s inner self to the world. The urge to create forces the artist to remove portions of their self-protective barriers. A connection must be made between the indefinable and reality. This connection is courageously braided from diaphanous diamonds threads.

The work must speak for itself in some way. When it came time for critique my art teachers would say don’t tell me if you like it or not, tell me how it makes you feel. Art either moves you or it doesn’t. Being in nature should move people to feel protective of our earth. In this way the energy of the almighty artist captures the imagination and influences human nature.

Summon your artist vision when strolling along. Sense the lines of energy swirling about. Abandon logic and reason. Meander. Free your mind from the influences of the artificial world. Be a conduit for passing energy.

Allow the pure blessings of our world to wash away your discomfort and anxiety. Take time for yourself. Extend your hand into the universe and bring happiness to your heart.

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Enliven Your World

A picture is a poem without words Horace

Walking along the bottom of the ocean at low tide is thrilling. There is a downward slope to the coast that tugs ever so gently at ones pant cuffs. Walking up slope towards the beach one can feel the pull of gravity shift as if it were an invitation to linger a while.

The ocean is the great recycling machine. Mountains are shattered to pebbles by the elements. Over eons these pebbles inexorably roll down slope to the sea. For millions of years the pebbles break down further until one day the sand is gently pushed up slope to the beach. Organic remnants are recycled too. Once animated beings die, disintegrate and wash down to the shore where a myriad of microscopic recycling organisms start the life-cycle anew.

I snap photos as I walk of whatever catches my imagination. These patterns etched in the ocean floor, revealed at low tides are fascinating. Try to imagine ten meters of water sitting atop this magnificent sand carpet with the blazing sun illuminating the undersea scene. It must be glorious. Truly it is poem without words.

Allow your mind to wander where it will go and see what images pop into your head. The creative power of the human mind is immeasurable. Drift through a few precious minutes today. Enliven your world with imagination.

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There is Wonder All Around

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” Rachel Carson

The beach allows one to calmly empty their thoughts and fill their hearts. Standing beside the vastness is both humbling and inspiring. On the beach, we can sense our humanity’s birthright. Civilization spread throughout the world once we ventured out onto the ocean.

Every second, the titanic forces of the ocean batter the global shorelines. The twice daily rhythm of advancing and retreating tides ceaselessly offers up an endless array of organic treasure. Just as the old saying states, you never step into the same water twice, the shifting sands of the beach are never the same from day to day or minute to minute. It is the same with our lives. Minute by minute we cast our finite grains of mortality into the void ahead not knowing when we will expend the final atom of life.

Enjoy your life. Fill each day with as much meaning as you can muster. Do not simply take life for granted. Find ways to bring more joy into your days. Know that, the simple pleasures of a conversation with a loved one, or a solitary hour spent in contemplation, extend the duration of time between each grain of mortality passing.

In every grain of being there is wonder. Mark your days with sparkling flecks of happiness. Tell the story of your world through your smile. Begin today.

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Choose Today to Change

The title comes from the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. When I taught her work in my university Literature and Poetry classes, I discovered she was inspired by a very spiritual foundation. Connecting our lives to the metaphysical realms deepens our horizons and broadens our appreciation of life. But days upon days psychically locked alone with our own thoughts can befuddle our minds and obscure our vision.

We can feel like we are stranded and immobile as if our choices had become narrowed to simply making it through the day. Many people fritter away their days glancing back over their shoulders while stumbling forward into tomorrow. Looking at this great immobilized log of driftwood, remember it floated along aimlessly until one day stopping there on the beach. And one day it will be gone again – lifted by great waves of happenstance.

We are not logs. The human will, once harnessed, can move mountains. Choices must be made, one by one, to release the miasma of past woes and choose today to change. Pull back the curtain of self-doubt even a little, and bask in the increased light shining onto tomorrow.

And one day that barricade in your path will have floated away – dissolved by your resolute decision to act. Take courage from knowing you can alter tomorrow to better suit your heart’s desires. Believe in your self and decide to light tomorrow with today.

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Discover Happiness Within

The title above comes is a quote from Mother Teresa. Smiles do not necessarily spring from happiness, but an authentic smile is born from a sense of inner peace. There is already too much negativity in the world, so why add to that with a frown or scowl?

Everyday events are more easily managed with a positive perspective. It is not always easy to find an exterior reason to smile so one has to allow their own unique luster to light the world around them. Luster glistens with both reflected light and radiant beauty.

We all are unique shining aspects of transcendence. Taken together, the intersections of our lives with others weave infinite, wondrous patterns throughout human society. Human beings are social animals. Our society is founded upon interactions. A smile can soften initial misgivings and relieve tensions. This, in turn, calms those around us.

Let your smile shine. Bring peace to your world.

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Releasing Negative Emotions

Mark Twain once said, “Anger is an acid. It does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything onto which it is poured.” So many bothersome things can make us angry. Events in our life are often beyond our control, and the actions of some people will be upsetting. But allowing anger to simmer in your guts and catch in your throat damages your beautiful spirit.

Repressed pain can ulcerate more than our physical self. Holding in the hurt can injure our self-image with imaginary shadows and flaws which perpetuate the pain in self-fulfilling loops. Our thoughts get stuck in ruts of unhelpful behavior patterns. Negative emotions burrow deep into our psyche.

It is hard to separate yourself from these scars and wounds. But to sustain even a modicum of happiness, you must let go. Release the ache and dilute the acid of anger with self-awareness. Recognize your corrosive reactions and curb your acerbic inner voice.

Nurture the immutable grains of your true self and take pride in self-respect. The anger you once felt will slowly be transmuted into dignity. Hold your head high when you learn to overcome upset. Feed your soul with the happiness your deserve. Neutralize anger as much as you can and find balance in life.

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Manifesting Positive Energy

We live with glory when we connect heaven and earth. A divine force thrums and hums behind all things. Stand silent and stretch out your mind. Your body will become attuned to the omnipotent vibration coursing through all matter. Do not despair. You are never totally alone. You are caressed by boundless ever-present love.

Reluctance to believe in yourself is natural, but do not let this self-doubting debilitate you. Release the deep ache that makes you feel abandoned. Accept your personal connection to the almighty force of nature. And by doing so free your bruised heart to begin to heal.

When you feel your confidence shatter, step away from the commonplace and meditate. Quiet the panic that renders your tranquility. Summon the glory of transcendent love. Every minute of every day you are loved. Believe in the glorious healing devotion of tranquil reflection.

Feel the world begin to shift. Your thoughts can bend towards the light of love just as seedlings bend towards the sun. With each heartbeat you perpetuate the love of thousands of generations. Begin to steer for the stars you wish upon. Allow the tender illumination of affirmation light your way out of the shadows.

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Being Grateful for Your Life

Each morning I feel grateful to be alive. Every day I reflect on the grandeur of the earth. This morning the winds sweep in from the ocean and toss the autumn leaves about the little forest in front of me. From the distance the wondrous roar of the ocean drifts in the air.

I feel fortunate to breathe in the sea breeze and feel the pure moisture on my skin. My thoughts are calmed by this symphony of the soul whooshing outside my window. Joyous Imaginary notes punctuate the gentle undertones of the sea.

All life leaves ethereal relics of its passing. The great cosmic spark ignites kinetic life that thrives and stretches towards the cosmic ocean. In the end everything becomes recycled bits and threads churning upon the infinite sea. When the immutable human soul drifts upwards towards reunion with the divine, we leave behind memories in the hearts of those we love. Our spark glimmers in their eyes when they remember us.

Reflections of our essence returns to them upon the breeze. We walk beside them for a few moments. These epiphanies join the mortal to the eternal. This morning I hear those who went before me serenading my soul from eternity.

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Change Your Future

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

That quote kept running through my mind this morning as I wandered the beach. How many potentially positive things have I not done for whatever reason? We all limit ourselves mostly to our so-called comfort zone. Moving beyond those self-limiting boundaries takes courage. We fear there may be no way back to the recognizable.

Anything worth having involves risk. There can be no progress beyond the mundane without compromise. All too often people’s lives stop progressing due to hesitation. Hesitation suppresses opportunity. Convenience it chosen over possible difficulty.

There are dozens upon dozens of possible paths around any obstacle. But one must choose. Without choosing, time moves on. Options become more and more limited.

The sands of time pile up behind the overly cautious. Buttressing oneself against adversity is wise. But avoiding choice is foolish. It is never too late to change. You can become what you might be if you only begin to make choices. It can be distressing to make changes, but those revisions change your situation -choose and change your future.

Flawlessness is an artificial measure. The beauty of life shines from the imperfections. Our lives can seem transient. But each day can be lived more fully once we decide to change what we once viewed as fate. It is never too late.

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Happy Affirmation

Life can become inundated with swirling troubles large and small. These difficulties sling trash and trauma against us. Eventually adversity can wear down our treasure house of optimism. Forward steps become smaller and more hesitant. We doubt. We question. We second guess.

The path ahead can seem chaotic. Our most vulnerable inner self winces at the thought of trying to move ahead. But we must believe in the infallible almighty hand that holds us dear. The transcendent spirit of the glorious universe shines upon your heart. Turn away from anxiety and doubt. Quiet your thoughts however you can. Listen on the wind for sublimely affirming whispers.

It is hard to subdue the anxious terrors that have occupied your thoughts for so long. But believe you are not alone. There are mighty spirits walking beside you. The day will come when you can once again smile at the simple joys. There will be a time when you can once again feel safe and sound within the day-to-day. Find the time to soothe your apprehensive heart.

Try this simple technique. Breathe in through your nose to the count of four. Hold the breath and count to four. Slowly release the breath through your mouth for four beats. Repeat from three to six times. This simple technique is called tactical breathing. It reduces stress so you can handle your burdens.

See the glory in simplicity. Lay down the sadness. Find happiness in your life. May you THRIVE.