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Starting a New Series of Ink Paintings

Here are my most recent paintings. Ink and Acrylics

Mature Female Samurai Protecting Her Family

Winter Geisha

Cloud Dragons in Ming Style

Abstract Zen Meditation Wellness Circle Series

I have taken up ink painting again. Each painting requires dozens of washes to build up the layers. The ink flows differently than watercolors. These are first ink paintings I have done on canvas. The primer on the canvas has to be overcome with several layers of washes.

Goddess of the Waves

This is the first in the series I am working on, which will incorporate the Enso – open circle. Here is an explanation of the Zen- Enso – Taoism –Wuji excerpted from my novel in progress – English Corner (almost finished editing).

…For the Taoist the Wuji is the original form of the universe. Wuji is represented by an open circle. It represents the Tao in stillness. The characters for Wuji can be translated as endless or infinity. Then motion – energy creates a vibration or spin, which become the twin Yin and Yang energies of the Taiji…

…The Taiji – twin energies of Yin and Yang – is constantly transforming, one into the other. This yin/yang energy manifests the ten thousand things. It has also been called nothingness or a void. In Japanese Zen, this circle is called enso. It represents similar ideas, but to many artists the enso symbolizes the moment the spirit of the master reaches into the void and sets the energy of creation in motion. The enso’s circle remains open to represent our incompleteness…

Enso 1 Mountain Muse

Recent Digital Art

Sunrise Shadow of Mt. Rainier from 150 miles away.

Ink paintings. I use ink with watercolor techniques. These are a couple of my impressions of the beach. I like looking at the crows whenever I walk by the ocean.

The following are impressionistic photos of seafoam patterns. They resemble mountains and other abstract forms. It is striking how they remind me of the Asian art I have studied for forty years. To get the effect, I used a filter and increased the contrast significantly.

I enjoy sketching in the sand whatever images the landscape suggests to my imagination.

Driftwood is fascinating. This one piece looked like a hand waving to me from the surf. After emptying a pound of sand out of it, I sanded it down and gave it a protective coating. Other pieces remind me of bananas and other things 🙂

These are in-situ. As I find these unusual displays, I put some framed them with driftwood. I call them Ephemeral Assemblages.

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