Soaring Eagle Spirit

Powerful winds were blowing this morning here on the Pacific Northwest coast. As I walked onto the beach I glanced up to see this majestic eagle gliding gracefully above me. I think of my departed World War Two veteran Dad whenever I see an eagle on the beach.

The day he died, I went to the beach because I could not travel due to the pandemic. An eagle watched over me that day, just as my father had when I was a kid. In his memory, I used his favorite song – the National Anthem. He always sang the anthem loudly and proudly.

When my Dad and I went to St. Louis Cardinal baseball games together. He would proudly throw out his chest, put his rough hands on his chest and wholeheartedly sing the National Anthem. To this day, I think of him whenever I hear the Star Spangled Banner.

Here’s to you Pop and all those wonderful souls we lost this year. Peace.

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  1. Your dad sounded like such an amazing person, and I’m so sorry for your loss this past year. I know there will always be little reminders of him wherever you go, and I hope that will make you smile😊


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