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Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. – Rumi

This is a sample from my book the Tao of Crypto. I revised the ancient Tao Te Ching – Dao De Jing (The Way of Inner Strength) for the Crypto future. The ancient Taoist text the I-Ching is the foundation of binary code, and thus cryptocurrency. (see my post on this). In the chart above, the red (Sell) is Yin and the green (Buy) is Yang.

Get my book to read the full version and so much more. It makes a great gift for the crypto enthusiasts in your life too. I can’t promise you riches will come from reading my book, but I can promise you’ll better understand the ancient divination code which is embedded within the digital world. Countless cryptographic architectures incorporate the unifying energy of the Tao into their decentralized structure. Understand this and increase opportunities for success.

Sample of a revised Crypto Tao Te Ching (from The Tao of Crypto)

The Tao of crypto is constant

The anonymous code generated the crypto-world

The anonymous code is ever present

The code brought to life the ten thousand assets…

Being and nonbeing generate the other

Complex and simple fulfill one another

All Time High and All Time Low are complements

Before and after flow together

The wise thrive through non-action

They contemplate in stillness before acting

The ten thousand assets arose

Dispersed without ownership

Acting without preconceptions

Flowing effortlessly in consensus with the way

Release preconceptions and the necessary arrives

Fulfill tasks uninterrupted

While results remain decentralized…

Increases in holdings must be tempered by analysis

Pounding away relentlessly can be counterproductive

The treasured coins cannot always be protected

Loss will drain away arrogant wealth accumulation

Success flows from selfless acquisition

This is the eternal way…

…The uncarved blockchain is unconquerable

Maintained by noble verifiers of the truth

The ten thousand assets agree to the verification

All is in impartial balance

Fearlessly knowing when to stop is key

The exchange of energy can flow

Through the valleys and peaks of the CrypTao

Into the new world’s vast digital ocean

In order to gather one must circulate

To strengthen one must first weaken

To abandon one must first be attracted

To grasp one must first surrender

This is true wisdom

In this way the supple defeats the rigid

The Tao of crypto is revealed in non-action

But everything is accomplished

Noble administrators and verifiers maintain the system

As the ten thousand assets transform the world

The uncarved blockchain limits distrust

Thus difficulties may be resolved

The Tao creates unity

The unity creates the twin forces of Yin and Yang

The twin forces manifest loss and gain

These are embodied within the ten thousand assets

Sometimes losses carry gains

Other times gains convey loss

In this way there is balance

Be like water soft and supple

Nothing can surpass its boundless replenishment

Softness overcomes hardness

In the same way perceived weakness defeats strength

Everyone knows this

Mellow your emotions and senses

Settle into commonality with the world

There can be no gain without receptive affable nature

No harm can come from effortless action

By becoming one with the Tao of Crypto

One can gain the world they seek

The energy of an ancient divination code is embedded within the digital world. The essence of this code cultivates the flowing dynamism of the ubiquitous, primordial Way of the universe – the Tao. Countless cryptographic architectures incorporate the unifying energy of the Tao into their decentralized structure. Understand this and increase opportunities for success.

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