Happy Dictionary Day

To celebrate the birthday of Noah Webster, I am releasing five of my books for free on October 17.

Noah Webster’s name is synonymous with dictionary in America. I first fell in love with words, and dictionaries, while reading through our giant Webster’s Dictionary. My dad bought our encyclopedia set in installments – yes, section by section, and the dictionary was included in the first installment. Whenever I would ask my Dad about a difficult subject or hard to spell word, he would point to the “Webster’s” and say go look it up. So go look them up and enjoy a good book.

The Tao of Crypto

Harness the energy of an ancient divination code embedded within the digital world. Enhance your future.

The Boomer Whisperer

A travel companion on the spiritual journey of aging Boomers.

Unboxing Your Soul

We are all wandering timelessly through paradise. Unboxing your soul reveals who you truly are.

When Thunder Comes

On April 18, 1942, sixteen American B-25 bombers audaciously attacked the Japanese mainland in what became known as the Doolittle Raid, and afterwards fifteen crews were forced to make emergency landings or parachute into China. When Thunder Comes explores the remarkable intersecting lives of the Chinese rescuers and the Doolittle raiders using personal interviews and an abundance of Chinese media sources.

Pony Anne and the Silver Lantern Express

Pony Anne and the Silver Lantern Express is a fanciful historical fiction about the only female Pony Express rider. On Christmas Eve, 1860 Anne takes the reins for her injured fiancé and delivers the mail. Along the way Anne meets a helpful, but mysterious stranger named Klaus driving a sleigh across the deep snow. The stranger gives Pony Anne a magical silver lantern that helps her family through hard times for generations. Enjoy this charming Christmastime tale of: courage, dedication and love set on America’s frontier.

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