20 Ways to Increase Happiness

My wife and I were apart for eight months during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic. She was in China, having returned for her father’s funeral, and I was here in the US. After the horrible winter, I began preparing our garden to put my mind at ease. I wanted to do something special for my wife when she returned. Because I did not know when she would return, I planted native flowers around the garden. As they bloomed, I smiled knowing how happy she would be to see the beautiful blossoms. We are still enjoying the blooming beauty. I will continue to dedicate myself to having a happy life together.

Here are twenty tips for increasing the happiness in your life. In the end, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, people are generally as happy as they allow themselves to be.

Increase efforts to maintain good relationships

Give people the benefit of the doubt

Don’t be a victim

Stop negative thinking

Make your children your priority

Be consistent

Be a good friend

Love others

Be loyal and true


Live with integrity

Look for the good in others

Speak well of others

Respect others

Set boundaries

Be compassionate

Listen more

Be dependable

Be affirming

Find your balance

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