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In stillness, the yin and the yang share a single virtue; in motion, the yin and the yang share a single flow.Zhuangzi

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The Yin and Yang of it All

Many people have the mistaken notion that Yin and Yang are opposites when in fact they are interconnected complementary forces. The interplay between Yin and Yang is integral to all aspects of life. To follow the Tao, move within the ever-flowing exchange between Yin and Yang.

Yin represents earth. Yin symbolizes the feminine aspects: passiveness, darkness, and more. The literal translation of Yin is “shady side of the hill”. When looking at a candle chart of crypto trading data, Yin manifests in the valleys and even numbers. Yin energy is present in the red lines of falling values on the right side of a hill or wave of data.

Yang represents heaven. Yang symbolizes maleness, light, activity and more. Yang is translated as “sunny side of the hill”. Yang is manifested in the peaks and even numbers. Yang energy shines from in the green lines and rising values up the hill.

Yin – Valley, Curve, Down, Contraction, Passive – When Yin appears prepare to SELL

Yang – Mountain, straight Line, Up, Expansion, Active – When Yang appears prepare to BUY

The Tao of Crypto contains a divination method for using the ancient energy of the I Ching in the 21st Century Crypto world. The section includes modern day interpretations of the 64 Hexagrams to aid readers in their crypto trading decision making process. Change is a constant. By gaining an insight into the present and near future changes can potentially aid a person in making better choices along the Way.

If you follow the buying and selling patterns of the group, you will only be led by them along their path. You will never find your Way. To paraphrase the Tao Te Ching: The journey of a thousand bitcoins begins with a single Satoshi (0.00000001 ฿).

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