In the Presence of Miracles

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.Albert Einstein

The manifested divine spirit accompanies your heart in times of difficulty or ease. Like the air we breathe, the spiritual channel flows everywhere. For me, I most often connect to the divine while communing with nature. The presence manifests, in the quiet moments, when no one else is around. The soul murmurs and walking beside you is the manifestation of divine energy. The third eye trembles as if strummed by a transcendent caress. In gracious communion with unadorned life, I wander the humble path of the seeker. I seek to stand in the presence and be restored.

We are modern beings augmented by technology. Each of us has multiple devices upon which we rely: computers, phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, coffee makers… At the same time, our spirits were manifested from ethereal transcendental fabric beyond this world of the five senses. Have our souls lived through thousands of incarnations? What is the face of God? Is another sacred door opened to the enlightened after this life? These and tens of thousands of more such questions are matters of faith. God -one of the simplest of words, is embodied within a labyrinth of definitions. When people ask me, do you think there is a God, I answer: I don’t think – I know. There is no question in my mind/heart/soul. I don’t struggle with this.

But in this modern world founded on rational sciences and so-called logic, people tend to want tangible proof of the intangible. To enter such a discussion is a losing proposition. The roots of Western science can be traced back to Thales and Aristotle, or earlier to Mesopotamia. And modern science began in the Renaissance with the likes of Galileo and Newton. Science is founded upon observation and theory. A group of little kids once asked an environmental scientist I worked with to explain what he does. He told the kids, “I go to a place and find something that seems like it doesn’t belong there, and I try to figure out why it is there.” And science uses logic, observation, theory, experiments, to figure things out. But often what they are trying to figure out, has existed for millions of years. And from that uncharted land springs the miraculous.

Miracles large and small abound in this amazing world. I am thrilled this spring to watch geese navigate northward along geomagnetic lines. Yes, that can be partially explained by science, but not completely. Just as dogs most often orient themselves north and south before pooping – a scientifically proven fact. But why? That question – why – is the unexplained miraculous part. We are always in the presence of a miraculous spirit. Forces beyond our understanding have been at work since the dawn of the Universe. And these forces spur our imagination, inspire our spiritual journeys. I free my imagination when communing with nature. In the words of St. Augustine, Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature.

This day quiet your heart. Still the waters of your spirit. Breath in a meditative way to calm your body. Do not resist the stray thoughts, just acknowledge and dismiss them. Imagine yourself in a favorite peaceful place, where you once felt the presence of that which is at the core of your beliefs. Walk beside that miraculous spirit. Remind yourself that you too are born from an immortal realm. We are not alone. We are all in the presence of miracles.

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