20 Simple Wellness Tips

You are seeking to improve your self. You wish to express yourself more fully and to be understood by others through your heartfelt expressions. Your self is unique. But you are not simply a self occupying a body born on your birthday. You are so much more. Simultaneously, you are a universe and the universe. Your soul is illuminated by glorious eternal Godlight. The journey to self-actualization and transcendence starts with Self-Expression. Let’s begin to unbox your beautiful everlasting soul with some simple wellness tips.

1. Reduce fried foods

2. Drink in moderation

3. Stop smoking

4. Don’t drink soda

5. Get enough sleep

6. Reduce weight

7. Drink enough water

8. Prepare for emergencies

9. Eat your vegetables

10. Decrease use of animal products

11. Do daily breathing exercises

12. Get physically active

13. Eat well-balanced meals

14. Wear seat-belts and helmets

15. Wear sunblock

16. Avoid bright lights before sleep

17. Build muscle mass

18. Strengthen your bones

19. Practice good hygiene

20. Wear properly fitting shoes

Excerpted from Section One of my self-help book on spiritual growth and happiness. I began this blog to spread some positive light into the darkness. I firmly believe we all can be the change we wish to see in the world, and within ourselves. Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

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