Winter’s Final Interlude: a poem

The songbirds’ fanfare has sounded

Winter’s frosty interludes last days not weeks

Hints of green speckle the dry, golden grass

While daylight’s performances grow longer

The rustle of cracking seeds and curling roots

Resounds beneath the thawing ground

Rejuvenated souls stir from their slumber

And pull back their immaculate blankets

Warm breezes join hands with the chill

As the curtain lowers for intermission

Sprightly dancers assemble just offstage

With limbs flexing and stretching towards the sun

Life’s grand orchestra turns the page

Glittering spirits rise in anticipation

As Mother Nature lifts her baton

Spring’s prelude is set to begin

Published by cewheeler

Writer/Artist:12 years in China – univ. lecturer: writing,poetry,culture; editor – magazine/newspaper & actor. 40 years students of the Tao. Traveler. Father. Read my books at:

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