10 Tips for Manifesting

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. – Buddha

Manifesting is a recent trend for harnessing the power of positive thinking. Manifestations of desires do happen. Focusing on a having a more positive outlook can manifest positive outcomes. The real power of positive energy is not simply the manifestation of some dream or desire, but the positive transformation which is manifested within the spirit. The following ten tips can help you start manifesting a more positive future.

1. Centering your Thoughts. To manifest the required positive, relax your mind and center your thoughts. Do not focus on the manifestation goal at first. Free the body of negativity through focused breathing. Breathe in through your nose, and bring the air up to the top of your head. Hold it. Now exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this three or four times, and when you are ready, as you exhale allow your vocal chords to vibrate, making a sustained note as your exhale. Let the muscles relax and negative thoughts flow down through your feet and into the ground.

2. Summon the Prize. With your thoughts cleared of negativity and your mind positively attuned focus on the prize your desire. What do you wish to manifest? The goal should be a positive outcome. Do not try to manifest something negative against others. This will only boomerang back and harm you. Picture the prize you wish for. Hold it in your mind as completely as you possibly can.

3. Imagine yourself with the Treasure. Take the image of your prize and imagine yourself holding the treasure or experiencing the positive manifestation of your dream. Use your senses to describe the reality your imagine: how does it: look, sound, feel, taste, and smell? Try to create as complete a scene as you can possibly imagine.

4. Create a Dream/Vision Board. Now that you have a goal in mind, create a dream board of it manifested in your life. Use images, text, whatever helps you shape a snapshot of what it is you want. Get creative and be as vibrant as you want. While you are creating, reflect on the exactly why you want to manifest this in your life? Put that board where you can easily focus on it from time to time throughout the day.

5. Start a Journal. Documenting your intentions on paper is a powerful tool for manifesting your goals. Express gratitude in your journal to build positive energy around you. The universe responds with blessings of abundance for those who are sincerely grateful for their life.

6. Self-Affirmation. You have to not only believe in your dreams, but first you must believe in yourself. Take an inventory of your positive attributes. Reflect on those which will assist you in manifesting what you feel is missing in your life. Sum up your positives and your goal in a declarative present tense statement such as: I am (positive attribute) and I deserve/am worthy of/ will aim my life towards (goal). Repeat statement for a few minutes several times a day.

7. Program your Unconscious. We pass through a powerful mental state at bedtime as we transition from being awake to being a sleep, and again from sleep to awake. This temporary fugue state between awake and asleep gives us access to our unconscious minds. Our unconscious mind drives most of our brain activity. The fugue state when we are half-asleep lets us tap into the positive creativity we used as small children. As you are falling asleep, imagine your treasure, repeat your self-affirmation, and if possible meditate for a minute on your dream board. In the morning, write in your journal the positive manifestations in your dreams. The more you right them down, the more often you will remember your dreams when you first wake up.

8. Think Differently. You cannot expect to manifest your hopes without changing your thoughts. Try something different. Step away from what is familiar and explore new paths. Whatever it is that you positively desire move towards that goal.

9. Allow Yourself to Dream. One reason we don’t manifest our positive desires is because we restrict our thinking to focus on rational thinking. Yes, it is true you cannot dream love into existence, you can however permit yourself to dream it is possible. Release the chains on your heart and dream of the possibilities for finding your heart’s desire.

10. Self-Actualization. Meeting lower level needs can lead to self-actualization through effort. Self-reflection and empathy creates a positive aspect towards life. This beneficial energy amplifies the soul. Being expressive and spontaneous leads to increased actualization through self expression. Believe in the brilliant energy of your self-actualized creativity. Release your spirit and manifest the positive energy of your dreams fulfilled.

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