Winter Blooming Plum

A poem dedicated to hope

The gray-white dome of tyrannical winter descends

Pounds the windows and walls with bluster

Chases the sun and stars from the heavens

Bare branches bend to winter’s bitter will

While the tremulous blooming plum

Glitters golden hope midst the gloom

A swirl of lace-winged fairies

Lift the curtain unto reverie

Buoyant spirits cast off and set sail

Across the rippling mirror

Towards castles in the air

And fools’ paradise

Mesmerized by the winter plum’s ambrosia

Cheerfully drink from the fount of fancy

Intoxicated on lotus dreams

Escape winter’s sour breath

Flow once again with inspiration

Resurrected from frost-bound ground

Bridge the worlds of living and dead

Winter’s blade sweeps overhead

Icy dagger thrusts blunted by

Valiant saffron-robed beauty which softens the blows

With the promises of sweet days to come

The pulse quickens

The gnarled branches weathering countless winters

Once again beseech the heavens

The Way is illuminated

By the thousand balmy blooms

Glowing in the snow

Like divine gilded dream-lanterns

Published by cewheeler

Writer/Artist:12 years in China – univ. lecturer: writing,poetry,culture; editor – magazine/newspaper & actor. 40 years students of the Tao. Traveler. Father. Read my books at:

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