Your True Colors

Color is all. When color is right, form is right. Color is everything, color is vibration like music; everything is vibration. – Marc Chagall

They say red is the color of passion, but if you are not careful you can get caught red-handed. Green is the color of nature but also envy. People sometimes get the Blues, but, in business, brainstorming new ideas is called blue sky thinking. A person who is healthy is said to be “in the pink”, and at the same time, one can be tickled pink. Things that are clear are said to be in “black and white”, but in between the two can be a large a gray area. Today is the perfect time to show your true colors and chase away the grayness of the past few months.

In many world mythologies and religions, the universe was manifested out of darkness and chaos. A divine being or omnipotent force set in motion the creation. All things are manifestations of this initial point of origin. Just as our spirits were born from a cosmic realm into this world, and will one day return to the divine universe. Our perceptions color our life experience across a broad spectrum from pure light to, in hard times, deep darkness. Just as color is created by the reflection of light, your life can reflect your true colors.

People often ask, what is your favorite color? I answer blue and green. A recent trend asks, What is your “Birth Color”? To find out, use a search engine. Type in the six digit code of your birth. The format is up to you: month/day/year; or day/month/year, or year/month/day. Search for “hex color code ______”. You might discover why you have always liked a certain color. Here is my birth color, and it’s compliment. I put them next to those of my better half . I was not surprised to find another way we compliment one another in mystical ways.

A Gen Z trend you might see is using the color “Yellow” #yellow, or #myyellow. People then post a photo of the irreplaceable someone, or some thing that gives their life meaning and happiness. According to the urban Dictionary: You would do anything for them in a heartbeat. Your yellow is the type of person that can light up an entire room just with a smile. If someone calls you their Yellow, keep them close to you. They would do anything and everything for you.

The trend was inspired by the Coldplay song “Yellow” : Look How they Shine for you.

When it comes to understanding life, I turn to the greatest minds – children. I love kids. Perhaps it is because I have never fully “grown-up”. 2008 was the 50th Anniversary of the greatest treasure box in life – the 64-color box of crayons. I got my first several 64-count box years into grade school. I still remember the joy of putting them all in the box upside down so I could read the color names. I was thrilled simply by the fabulous names: To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, the Crayola company let kids name some colors based on their color associations. There choices show why kids are the greatest artists. A couple of their suggestions – Fun in the Sun – Orange; and my favorite – Super Happy – Yellow.

In China, in addition to my university classes, my wife and I had our own little school. Our classroom was near the grade school, and cheer the kids as they walked past, we painted the walls sunshine yellow, with a big shiny golden sun on the door. We taught English to hundreds of kids from 7-16 years old. The language barrier was difficult to get around sometimes, but a smile and patience would always win them over, plus my wife (the master teacher) was in the next room teaching. We would both teach an hour then switch groups. I structured my classes to always have a hands-on activity at the end. Their favorite activity was cooking. Oh my how they would happily shout when they saw the microwave was in my classroom that day. Their second favorite activity was arts and crafts. All children love to make stuff. Every kid, even the older ones, would get excited whenever they saw my big bags of markers. I can say without a doubt, their favorite color was red – they used up red markers five times faster than any other. Kids have a cherry red passion for creating.

Sometimes, my university students in China would go to visit less fortunate rural schools. These schools have few supplies for students. In some schools, students even have to bring their own desks. Several times, when some of my students told me they were going to visit one of these schools, I would buy a dozen or so packs of markers. Few things brighten a child’s dreary school day more than a rainbow of colors to create with. My university students would tell me I had a colorful life. Many times I have been awarded with the moniker “colorful character” – so true :-). Winter has arrived. These are the times of short days and long nights. Brighten the gray days of those around you like a rainbow of positive light. Let your true colors come shining through. Peace.

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