One with the Universe

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do. – Goethe

Do not seek outside yourself, what you were born with. Do not chase after future wants and amass past losses. Stand alone, by yourself in peace and quiet. Let everything drop away. Do not force. Do not push. Begin to be an unlabeled being. You have blossomed from one world into this world. By gaining inner wisdom you plant a seed that sprouts in the next world. And so on and so on. But how to regain the authentic self? The mystery resolves upon awakening.

Being born into a family places certain expectations upon the individual. The parent looks into their baby’s eyes and imagine, “what will they become?” They have already become. As the memories of the world before birth fade into a primal sense of disconnection. The individual feels isolated from the other, from the myriad of material objects, and so it goes across the length and breadth of the Universe. People spend a lifetime reconsidering their place in the world. When, in actuality, they have been wandering away from their authentic self all along. The mystery begins.

So many of the worldly ideas that bind the individual self are unquestioned. Willingly oblivious to the obvious truths, people adopt external views of: who they are, what they think, how they feel. All the while, alienating the spirit from its true place in the world. Misguided individuals allow themselves to become subservient to other’s worldviews that place them on the outside looking in at what is missing. They agree to long lists of “should and shouldn’t”. This estrangement of the social identity from the true spirit creates indecision which blocks the way forward. The mystery increases.

As age and time take their toll, the urge to understand, to make sense of it all can become overwhelming. Bitterness builds up and spoils the joy of living. The heart stiffens and grows cold. For some, the wounds of regret become unbearable. The distance between their crushed spirit and understanding seems insurmountable. To these confused souls, approaching end of life in this world feels like a dark wall growing closer and closer. But there is still the opportunity to become what T.S. Elliot called, “…the still point of the turning world.” The soul is still connected to the Universe as it was at birth. But for some, the soul is blinded by the material and unaware of the path into the next world. The mystery remains.

By examining the underlying foundation for this spiritual disaffection, the individual can discover the barriers are self-delusions. Thunderclaps of revelation and exultation signal the tumbling away of life’s illusions. Ten thousand labels covering the heart-mind-spirit evaporate. Awakening to the truth generates the cosmic seed that bears the fruit of eternal life. Begin today to peel off the labels placed on you by others. Take the time to restore your spirit. Resolve the mystery. You are already One with the Universe.

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