Let Your Light Shine

I guess, I’ve always believed that nothing is withheld from us what we have conceived to do. Most people think the opposite – that all things are withheld from them which they have conceived to do and they end up doing nothing.Russell A. Kirsch (inventor of the pixel passed away August 2020 age 91)

We are children of light. Sparks from the primordial fire that created the Universe continue to glow in the hearts of each and every one of us. From endless murky nothingness, the all and everything came to be. Whether rational or spiritually minded, there was a moment, in the beginning, when everything sparkled to life. That triumphant first light warms life on countless worlds within worlds. Eternal living-light reverberates across time and space to fill our lives with unimaginable delights.

The other day, I brought home a small piece of driftwood to sculpt. As I sat it on my table, I noticed a tiny moving speck. I thought it was a fruit fly or gnat. But when I started to brush it away, it dug in and resisted. Using a magnifier I could see this speck, not much bigger than a period, was a newly hatched crab. I have encountered many recalcitrant crabs in my life, and this itty-bitty speck of life was just as defiant as any full grown crab. In honor of his fiery nature, I returned the minuscule fighter to the ocean. It was amazing that something so tiny already had such powerful survival instincts.

Waves have swept the shores of long-gone oceans and seas billions of years ago. Entire continents have shattered and reformed. Mountains rise and fall, turning into the dust and sand decorating new shores. But the waves keep rolling and tumbling ashore. The primordial seas cycle and recycle endlessly. Ancient saltwater courses through our bodies and melds with the sea and sky. Undulating waves entice us towards the edge of the briny deep of our origins.

The same light that brightens our skies powers the cosmic spiral. Our spirits move with the positive energies of life and light. And it is our soul that turns the wheel of life that defines our destiny. By sincerely seeking illumination, we distill our essence, leaving behind impurities. Just as too much heat can burn a dish, forcing the spirit into an ill-fitting vessel, such as imbalanced techniques, can do much more harm than good. Just as you do not force a sticky lock, do not force your spirit to fit some preconceived notions of what is “proper” methodologies. Let your light shine into the world, and the reflections will guide you towards the right source of illumination for you.

Use the positive light within you to see barriers properly. Examine your preconceptions about limitations placed on you. You are the light of the world. To quote a favorite children’s hymn, This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. Reflect the beauty of your unique self and let your light shine brightly.

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