August 2 Free Writing

In honor of my parents, who allowed me to explore my creative nature and encouraged me to love books, I am offering some of my writing for free. It will be a month since my Dad passed away, and thirty years since Mom died.

Please read these books and essays and think about those you love.

New Book

Poetry Collection

My World War Two Historic Research in China. We discovered the remains of two B-25s flown on the famous Doolittle Raid. We interviewed dozens of people who rescued the Raiders. Many related photos included through my Pinterest site – the link is in the essay.

My semi-autobiographical novella. The book emphasizes the power of positive energy, and several parts are fictionalized episodes from my life.

My wife and I explored the historic city of Xi’An, famous for its terracotta warrior statues. We discovered several sites that are not listed on tourism guides, including a two thousand year old remnant of the city walls of the ancient capital of Chang’an. It was amazing to make our own archaeological discoveries in such a globally important site.

Please enjoy the free reading.

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