Impermanence of Being

Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.Albert Camus

Humans are impermanent beings. All beings are mortal, whether on this Earth or elsewhere. But that mortality defines only the physical body. In relation to eternity, this life is transitory. Living beings are Ephemeron – items designed to only be used for a short time. But this only applies to the body and not the spirit/soul. People are as Shakespeare so eloquently wrote – “… The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals…the quintessence of dust…” But so many dismiss the more noble virtues of life, but not you dear readers. You seek to understand. The life-energy of the universe is vast, varied and veiled, but we all must make the most of our transitory time on the cosmic stage.

To grapple with the concept of eternity consider the depth of the physical world summoned into being billions of years ago. The next time you find time to stand and stare up into the night sky, imagine the distance to the edge of our Universe. The nearly unfathomable physical vastness of the material world can nonetheless be measured. But these are not just measurements of distance but of time as well. Time, as we understand it, in four dimensional space, moves at the speed of light across the Universe, hence the word spacetime. Light moves one foot, or 0.3 meters, in one nanosecond – billionth of a second. So in two or three nanoseconds light crosses the distance in spacetime from your fingertips to your shoulder. This makes your fingertips a few nanoseconds in the past from your eyes – your hands and feet are moving through your eyes’ past. Now hold out your arm and point to the stars. The rational edge of the physical universe is mathematically about 7e +19 arms lengths away – more or less.

But the multi-dimensional spiritual Universe is within you, and various eternities are linked to your spirit-soul forever. The limits of our “rational” understanding must be set aside at times to immerse the spirit in the ever-changing Universe. Eternal experiences are limitless, but one element remains unchangeable throughout – Love. Love powers life, Love lights the darkness. Immeasurable love sets the cosmic stage. Do not seek to understand the Universe simply by measuring its boundaries and limits. Seek inwardly the infinite Universe and free your spirit to dance in the shimmering brilliance.

Every living cell in the body is replaced numerous times over our lives. While, all that one learns and experiences tints and colors the memory within an ever-altering masterpiece of Being. There within all those gyres of change is the individual identity. Wrapped in ephemeral scraps of memory, resisting annihilation through acquisitions, stands the I – in the center of the perceived storm. Howling winds of misfortune can rip away bits and pieces of physical riches. But so-called valuable portions of objects can only be subdivided so far before becoming a shortage – a lacking of wherewithal. But are those things wealth? Aren’t those things valuable only to those individuals who hold on to the past, grasping desperately at the veil of mortality as it slips away? Those material objects only mark the impermanence of being. Life can be magnificent and overwhelming – that is the whole tragedy. Without beauty, love, or danger it would almost be easy to live.Albert Camus

The infinite cosmic time-flow erases all the details of mortal lifespans. Find comfort, knowing the interplay of kinetic and static divine energy is eternal. Creation and illusion/perpetuation and destruction – all paths lead to emancipation of the spirit-soul, but only after leaving behind the limits of the measurable, the rational and logical universe. Truth is one, but the wise men know it as many; God is one, but we can approach Him in many ways. Rigveda

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