Miracles Revealed (a Poem)

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see. C.S. Lewis

Life is a miracle in every sense of the word

Each day is a wonder through which we wander

Our eyes glancing to and fro

The path we follow is the right one

It cannot be any other way

For it led us here

To the miraculous


Object of wonders once called


Vocalized archaic words are talismans

Ancient incantations

Echoing across time

First formed by distant ancestors

To imagine the world around them

Mental imprints solidified

Heirlooms of distant minds

Mirrors and Miracles

Formed around the same root

Mirare – to wonder at

Celebrate the captured perceptions

Divined from wonderment

Reflected in the concepts of

Shared accumulated vocabulary

An aggregate of venerable covenants

Of meaning through the ages

Brought to life by

Imaginary words

Imagination creates reality

Visualize the soul’s wings

Feel the lift of life

Confidently ride the winds of change

Soar above obstacles

Believe in the divine dream

To attain that cosmic birthright

Imagine a sacred realm realized

Become the miracle revealed

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Writer/Artist:12 years in China – univ. lecturer: writing,poetry,culture; editor – magazine/newspaper & actor. 40 years students of the Tao. Traveler. Father. Read my books at: amazon.com/author/wheelerce

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