Unboxing Your Soul

I have completed my new book, Unboxing the Soul: Discovering the Godlight within.

We are all wandering timelessly through paradise. Unwrapping the gift that is life reveals who we truly are. There are many stages on your life-journey. After an unexpected epiphany changed my life forever I decided to write this book. I hope by reading it you can discover your own unique way to unbox your soul and discover the godlight within.

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Excerpt 1: This was the moment of epiphany for me. This was when the Godlight began to illuminate my heart/soul.

One morning I drifted into an ecstatic state. The ocean’s gentle whisper coupled with the rhythmic wave-pulse embraced me like my mother’s arms and carried me away. Away over the waves and clouds, away from anxiety and worry, my spirit was euphoric – away from this physical space and into the All. I was with the birds in flight, the clouds adrift, as my soul was soared aloft on wings of sea-spray and foam.

There was no separation between the Universe and my heart. I felt as if I was a reflection of sanctified authenticity and it of me. Laughing with a child’s laughter of unbridled discovery, I shooed away time when it tried to impose upon me a limit to my elation. I had nowhere to be – I just had to BE. Regenerative love/unconditional acceptance/blissful euphoria. The rediscovery of my true self was revealed to me in unadorned wholesome innocence.

Excerpt 2:

There is a dynamic spiritual illumination within you. I discovered that energy after years of soul searching. In the prologue I reflect on a life-altering epiphany I experienced beside the ocean. Afterwards, I struggled for days to identify what had happened. A week later, during a walking meditation at the beach, the term Godlight was whispered into my quieted mind. For months before that Godlight epiphany I had been walking the beach to heal my injured knee. As I walked I took photos of whatever caught my eye and began writing a blog using the photos to inspire my posts. Before writing I would select an inspirational quote to seed my imagination. The quotes helped focus my “reflections” around a theme from the artistic to the spiritual. When the coronavirus pandemic struck America, I refocused on increasing the meaningfulness of each post. In this way, I tried to heighten the positive impact for my readers. Something hidden deep inside my soul awakened as I emptied my mind and let nature inspire me. The prologue epiphany lit my life and I have been unpacking my soul since that day.

Nature is the inspirational mirror on which I visualized these written reflections. Peaceful contemplative walks in nature allow an individual to become aware of the deeper connection between the natural world and the soul. During peaceful strolls in nature, an earnest person can begin to unbox their soul. A unique path will unfold as the obscuring layers of the self are discarded. The lucid Godlight within will light the way naturally. Sincere appreciation for the holistic power of nature transcends the real world. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In the woods we return to reason and faith…the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.”

All religions offer paths to the same end – reuniting with the Divine. And a myriad of philosophies offer techniques to enhance self-awareness along the Way towards enlightenment and ultimately to transcendence. To begin unboxing your soul seek to no longer identify with your ego. Know that you are a whole, harmonious being. Becoming more self-aware and eventually self-actualized connects your spirit to greater levels of meaningful existence. These connections expose your heart and mind to higher spiritual realms which in turn alter your world in unique ways.

Excerpt 3:

Your mind awakens. Fear of death fades away. But pale shadows of ego remain. Spiritual insights bloom. The personal dissolves into the divine. Along the way there are many crossroads and alternatives. The ego will loosen its hold if you continue to be dedicated to your journey. You would not be reading this if you were not seeking a path to the Divine. I hope the reflections in this book can inspire you to continue your journey.

Designed to be like life, explored in different ways: in linear progression, or flipped through and opened at random as a form of bibliomancy divination. The book is divided into five sections with the first section Self-Expression providing a foundation for self-discovery progressing upwards to self-transcendence. Each reflection is a stand-alone piece written to offer a ray of what I call positive light. Taken together perhaps these reflections will inspire you to unbox your soul and reveal the Godlight within.

In this book there are over one hundred reflections in five sections through progressively deeper layers of the Self: Self-Expression, Self-Esteem,Self-Awareness, Self-Actualization, and Self-Transcendence. There are well over one hundred inspirational quotes to encourage your journey. Additionally, there are two hundred tips for improving your life from general wellness to transcendence. I sincerely wish you peace and happiness on your journey. Peace.

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I thank you for reading my writing.

If you do download the ebook, or buy the paperback of my new book, please leave a review. This would help me spread the positive message of my writing, and I could continue the discovery. I think the troubled world could use more positivity. Thank you all very much.

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