Soul Searching

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body, temporarily.Walter M. Miller

Our soul does not accompany us on our journey through life. Discovering the depths and reach of your soul is your journey through life. Soul-images existed long before writing. Scattered across the globe are symbolic metaphorical depictions of the deep connection between the soul/spirit and the Oversoul/spirit. According to some linguistic theories the word soul was derived from the ancient Germanic word Saiwaz – “coming from or belonging to the sea”. Essentially all words are metaphorical and the word Soul first described the luminous energy of sparkling light playing across the surface of water. Many cultures believe the soul is borne across the waters at birth and at death. But for some people, the soul gets buried beneath layers of muck on their journey.

All life on Earth is connected via the vital force of the universe. This life-energy has been incorporated into many schools of thought over thousands of years. Consciousness expands when the human soul begins to harmonize with this Anima Mundi (World Soul). The link between the individual self and the sublime wisdom inherent in Nature washes away the accumulated mud of confusion. As your spirit is calmly cleansed chaos gives way to peace. Finding peace with your inner self opens the way.

You have everything needed for the extravagant journey that is your life. – Carlos Castaneda

Each of us searches in one way or another for self-knowledge. Only we may know our inner essence. Only we may judge our motivations and past deeds. Pass judgment now on what was and let that be settled. Regret, bitterness, disappointment, anxiety, worry, uneasiness… obscure the real truth. Your soul is the core of your being, and not your body or your mind. The true self, the real “I” is also “You” in that the spiritual true self is but a conscious iteration of the Universe. Releasing yourself from concerns of yesterday, pulls back the blinds and reveals the magnificence within.

The psyche encompasses the mind, soul, spirit, body. Great knowledge is derived from the human psyche. Much of this knowledge has been gained due to curiosity. Perhaps humans first walked upright as a survival skill. But once upright, looking towards the horizon or up to the sky powered our curious quest for understanding. Curiosity drives soul-searching. This desire to understand propels us all towards soul-enrichment through good deeds and thoughts. Acts of kindness open the soul to fulfillment and realization of the soulful innocence within us all.

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