Manifest Your Future

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.– Georgia O’Keeffe

What catches your eye as you move through the day? Fresh details can leap from a familiar scene like glinting treasure. These precious moments of self-discovery beckon in a whisper. We compose the world in which we live from certainty mixed with prayer. Holding on to the indefinable strands of the previous moment we seamlessly slip past the barrier between Then and Now. But life is not a series of binary choices. Life transcends reason.

With reason constrained, mindfulness infuses the poetic into the prosaic. The commonplace is wrapped in an extrasensory sumptuousness. Miracles and epiphanies drift in the air like stars winking through twilight clouds. The mortal coil is liberated, if ever so briefly, from the bounds of solid ground. Improvisational ecstasy replaces rationale, and the miraculous emerges from the mundane.

A subtle radiance illuminates the velvety contours between fantasy and reality. Inspiration does not trigger creative visions and imagined masterpieces. Instead the muse’s well is filled with ambrosic potential. There are: no words, no thoughts, no definitions, no identity – only life in the loving presence of an eternal omniscience. No prayers are needed, no promises, no resolutions – nothing is asked but all is freely given.

After an undefined time, in a faint whisper, the moment condenses into transient grains of time restored. Familiar life returns, and the potential for insight deepened. The unknown has been made known. Shadows of the infinite have been captured in a few inspired images. Shine a positive light on your unknowns. Believe in the sanctity of your self. Peace

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