The Power of a Smile

It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living. F. Scott Fitzgerald

A smile can seem inconsequential in normal times. But when the times get tough it feels like sunny days will never return, look in the mirror and find a way to smile. A real smile will lift your spirits and make you healthier. Think of a happy memory and smile. Recall time with a loved one and smile. Sing a silly song and smile. As Shakespeare said, “A smile cures the wounding of a frown”.

There are types of yoga called laughter yoga. And laughter meditation. Many scholarly articles have been written about the positive effects of laughter. Mayo Clinic article on laughter relieving stress. Web MD Give Your Body a Boost with Laughter. Laughter and smiling elevate your mood and assist your immune system. What makes you laugh? I remember when I was a little boy, around five years old, I would do impressions for my beloved grandpa. I would saunter like John Wayne, and he would roar with laughter. I was thrilled to see his mood brighten.

I’ve been known for my sense of humor my whole life. My university students and I would share a few laughs nearly every class. The shared smiles connected us. Laughter and silliness take the edge off the day, and sometimes it can alleviate discomfort. Your smile has superpowers over your well-being. Psychology Today has an interesting article on the superpowers of smiling. The website Lifehack has a very good article on the 7 Benefits of Smiling and Laughing. As the very funny comedienne Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

There is way too much bad news these days. We need to know what is happening, but we also need to limit the dose of disheartening stories. So do yourself a favor and try to find a way to smile to start your day. Think of positive energy as vitamins for your spirit. So the prescription for your soul is several smiles and a handful of laughter – taken daily as needed. Stand in positive light. Peace.

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