Cheerfulness Appears from Within

Cheerfulness, it would appear, is a matter which depends fully as much on the state of things within, as on the state of things without and around us. – Charlotte Brontë

There is a terrible sickness spreading around the world. A grim shadow has fallen across many societies. Negative energy has gripped many hearts. Pessimistic specters have arisen – fear, panic, prejudice, mistrust, hostility,… These will not improve anyone’s personal situation one iota. We need to find cheer within the gloom. In these troubling times our hearts need the warmth of positive light.

Our world has been tilted on its axis. An unnamed Fifth Season has arisen. In this unfamiliar era a viral predator dogs our trail through daily life, hunting some and passing by others. Its wound can seize the lungs in hundreds of ways. But being prepared can bring hope. Do the Five! Hands – Wash them often. Elbow – Cough into it. Face – Don’t touch it. Feet -Stay two meters (about six feet) or more apart. Feel – sick? Stay home.

Being prepared can brighten the day and allow hope to take wing. From hope comes calm. Actively working to take care of yourself and those you love can bring cheer. Do not panic and push away others. Preparation, cooperation and concentration should be the watchwords. Everyone should make a concerted effort to distance themselves without driving a wedge between those around you. Stay positive that this darkness will pass.

Do not dismiss this as someone else’s problem. We all face the challenge, and we can overcome this pandemic together. Stay safe wherever you are. Do not take unnecessary chances with your precious life, and the beautiful lives of those you cherish. Listen to the warnings of doctors and health care professionals. Let us all pray that between spring and summer this terrible Fifth Season fades – never to return. Keep your body healthy, your heart strong and your spirit bright. Peace and Love.

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