Prose Poem: At Sunrise

At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear Norman Maclean

(A Prose Poem) Waking in the predawn hour, while the land slumbers, a transcendent power drifts through the sky. Mysteries cavort in the twilight zone between night’s end and day’s start. It is an indeterminate time for which there is no specific term. The moon grows translucent as it dissolves into the clouds and light chases shadows towards the horizon. Darkness fades with the coming of light.

Dawn’s rosy rays whisper sweetly to slumbering life to rise and greet the day. Wild creatures stir and begin seeking sustenance. A luminous essence fills the heavens. All can be right with the world for a time. Hope abounds. The burgeoning spirit melds with the landscape bringing solace to the soul.

Syncopated heartbeats harmonize with reflections promenading atop ebbing tides. Empty the mind of schemes and simply BE. Feel life’s blessings with each morning breath. Allow gratitude to fill the holes inside. Linger along the way. Witness without words, as babies do, the world being born anew. Faith and Fate hand-in-hand, walk beside you. You are not alone.

As the sky brightens, potential paths amalgamate into transitory inklings as to what’s ahead. Stride with deliberate steps into the fully awakened day. The heart will carry divine adoration. When night comes again, lay down with a smile knowing another luminous sunrise awaits.

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