Making Positive Connections

Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so. – Noam Chomsky

This is no time for pessimism, hatred and fatalism. Globally, societies are being disrupted and lives are being threatened. Humanity cannot surrender to fear and a sense of powerlessness. Modern life hinges on the positive connections between countries and exchange of ideas among individuals. The internet has compressed geographic distance. This dynamic digital meeting place can bring us even closer together in troubling times.

Blue sky thinking is what is called for. Ideas, unbounded by current limitations, must tumble out into the open and be discussed. How do we as a species want to proceed? Once the pandemic subsides, how can we use the inevitable waves of cheer to ease the frictions between our diverse cultures? Look up, not down, with the inexhaustible imagination and vigorous creativity of youthful minds. Hopefulness should be our guiding star, and not distrust.

We, the human family must connect to one another outside “official” channels. By reaching out across the global network we become familiar with one another. Sharing ideas together creates an affinity for our fellow earthlings. The future can be better if we each take a measure of responsibility for making it so.

This peaceful endeavor can change everything for humankind. The news right now is filled with terrifying numbers. Some world leaders are stymied as to what to do. Individuals’ choices will decide the direction of the outbreak. This is especially so for older people. Limit outside physical contact and connect instead across the electronic landscape. Spread positive energy, as much as you can. Shine brightly so others can see there is light in the dark. Have hope. The future can be better, and we, my global cousins, can create golden days ahead. Peace.

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