Finding Your Path

You must understand, there is more than one path to the top of the mountain. Miyamoto Musashi

It is said that time and tide wait for no one. Becoming obsessed with the passage of time can force one to be reckless or indecisive. In so doing, perhaps they will give up just before the finish line comes into view; or maybe they will choose hastily in order to just get it over with. No heights are reached without contemplation. But one cannot simply think about it forever. How then to choose a path forward?

There is seldom one true way or only one direct path. Many years ago a wise young woman from India told me “There are many paths to enlightenment, and many kinds of enlightenment.” One path can lead to another and another, winding up, down and around. The key to success can be found in a state of flowing transformation. A series of changes proceeds from one to the next in a cascade of transitions. Progress may become difficult to measure, but all will be well, if guided by sincerity.

The unknown becomes the known through experience. Standing at the foot of a giant mountain, how could one determine the only way to the top? Step onto a path and begin the journey. Do not let negative emotions, such as defeatism and self-doubt, overshadow the journey. Instead, once underway, allow good judgement and courage to light the path. Stride towards the top of the mountain with sincerity and positivity. The path will unfold.

With experience, difficulties begin to smooth out. But experience cannot be gained without setbacks and risks. Taking a chance can be frightening, but as the old adage goes, “nothing ventured nothing gained.” Fear of failing blocks all paths. The first steps are the most daunting. But the heights will never be reached without taking those first steps. Look up at that mountain ahead of you, choose a direction and get stepping.

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