Match Your Nature to Nature

The goal of life is to match your heartbeat to the beat of the universe, to match your nature to Nature. Joseph Campbell

People in our modern technological society can lose track of their ancient nature. The day-to-day onrushing tasks can seem endless and inescapable. Tasks must be accomplished, and goals met. We have to work in order to survive in the urban “jungles”. But what are the deeper costs of this accelerated time-controlled living? How can the loss to our spirits be measured?

The languages of Nature are not unknown to us, but most have forgotten how to access them. For far too long humanity has buried the universal connection to all things authentic and wild. Nature oratory transcends the grandest words. Holy choirs whisper and roar from land, sea, and sky. With subtle gestures of welcome, animals accept their human brothers, if they approach with affection and keep their distance. I greet the seabirds with cheerful respect. Eons are exchanged in their instinctive glance.

Nature goes about its business 24/7 365 days. Far too many of us intrude on Nature to assert our need for “leisure”. As I wander the beach, I often see four-wheel drive trucks spinning round and round digging circles in the sand. Their drivers are desperate for recognition or a sense of accomplishment, but the vehicle does the work. Some uncaring recreating people leave trash in their wakes like artificial, non-recyclable guano. While the landscape suffers, their selfish natures are satisfied. They could instead sit quietly and marvel at the real world where things occur as they should. Many people do appreciate the beauty of Nature. They take the majesty into their hearts and carry it with them back to the cities.

Nature will always offer great mystery and great understanding. The natural world speaks with a myriad of tongues, but all say one thing – Welcome. You are home. Look homeward dear friends, and live in more in tune with your true nature.

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