Manifest Beauty

You know it is one of the most marvelous things in life to discover something unexpectedly, spontaneously, to come upon something without premeditation, and instantly to see the beauty, the sacredness, the reality of it. But a mind that is seeking and wanting to find is never in that position at all. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Wandering without seeking is a way to discover profound layers of reality. This so-called civilized world we have synthesized from nature sometimes leaves us feeling unsatisfied and hopeless. The accumulation of things prods people to pursue shinier baubles and gaudier fashion. All the while the difference between need and want are further blurred by manipulative media.

Stepping away from the constant targeted disturbances allows our spirit to ascend. There is no “to-do” list, no dot-pointed checklist. There is opportunity for spontaneous discovery or simple peace. At times we all work too hard, and struggle too much, but the marvelous universe is always there beside you. You walk in the company of the sacred. All around you is beauty.

We all felt these things in the ecstatic joy of childhood. When our playthings sprang to life, a colorful rock was a gem, friends understood without words. That sense of wonder is still there. It only needs to be uncovered. Innocence re-occupies our hearts when we fall in love, hold our sweet babies, slip into the “zone”. Fleeting glimpses of awe and inspiration tantalize us from within flaming sunsets and dazzling star-fields. All those joys are within and around you right now.

Your heart is an altar to your spirit which is One with the universe. You must find a way to love and respect yourself. Do not take to heart harsh words against yourself. You are beautiful person – let that beauty shine from your eyes. You are one of the most marvelous things in the universe. Wander in the footsteps of sacred paths ever-unfolding, always revealing simple truths with profound meanings. Set your spirit free. See the beauty all around.

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