Being Mindful

Our feelings are our own. They are tuned to the pitch of our soul. We cannot judge another’s feelings only their emotional expressions. And so we should treat one another with kindness and understanding if we too desire the compassion of others. I suppose throughout my life I have been an idealist. I have seen things as I felt they should be and sought higher good whenever possible. Trying as I might to shine a light into the shadows.

The textures of society can often be harsh and unforgiving. Selfishness and apathy can run rampant through our society if we all retreat behind antisocial screens. The grit of negative emotions can grind away at the finer feelings of empathy and kindness. The modern world is indeed trying its best to scrape away our individuality in favor of demographic segmentation; classifying our sweet souls into marketing targets and numb things.

Wondrous evanescent spectra of energy flow between us all. Our emotions, hopes and doubts release subtle hints like ever shifting outlines of our innermost feelings. We simply have to be sensitive to the universal bond between us. Strip away prejudice; negate resentment. See standing there a fellow child of this world. Let your smile be reflected in the eyes of others and theirs in yours.

To show a desolate soul they are not alone, do not be afraid to share your feelings. Be yourself and let them be their selves without judgment. Be warmhearted in these sometimes coldhearted times. Be real and feel.

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