Release Anxiety

If one looks at a thing with the intention of trying to discover what it means, one ends up no longer seeing the thing itself, but of thinking of the question that is raised. Rene Magritte

Our life is bound up with the lives of so many others. We gladly attach portions of our self to those who are emotionally close to us. At the same time, co-workers and friends are regularly allotted segments of our time and so we become connected in this way – a sort of formal indentureship. But when we seek to the meaning of our daily life, we are often left with more questions than answers.

Hidden doubts stand in opposition to our sense of achievement. Artificial measures mark off the timeline and emphasize external praise over internal gratification. Concealed control mechanisms snap into place in an attempt to regulate individualization. We begin to question ourselves instead of the things that bring dissatisfaction. The intention to discover has been wiped away, leaving in its place stains of reluctant hesitation.

Stand firm in your resolve to seek answers to questions about where you are. Leaving yourself at the mercy of fate will weaken your spirit. Relieve the pressure and step away from commonplace events. Seek solace and silence each day whether for a few minutes or hours. Regulate your breathing and slow your pulse. Meditate on the moment and nothing more. Remove tasks from your conscious thoughts. If you are afraid of forgetting something, simply writing it down before you begin. Then forget. Drop the anchor of doubt and drift away.

By not doing, you will discover that which you need to find. Intently focusing on an issue will only weigh upon your heart. Find time to step into the void and you will calmly unearth the answers to your search. Take care of your self and loosen your bindings a bit.

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