Self Actualization

Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him. Aldous Huxley

Our experiences shape who we are. But these moments in time do not happen in a vacuum. Our actions and reactions flow from acquired knowledge or a lack thereof. Just as the wind contorts and twists the trunks and limbs of trees, our struggles and victories shape both our outer body and our inner self. We become who we decide to be.

Everyone makes plans for their life. When we are young we try to imagine what life would be like ten, twenty years in the future. These plans are seldom accurate to any degree at all, due to unforeseen circumstances. The road up ahead is always bumpy. The way zigs when we zag. Unexpected events toss our best laid plans to the winds. Then and there, abandoned by strategies and schemes, your authentic self emerges. The real you steps forward.

Over the years, one should grow familiar with their true authentic self. With age, sagging and wrinkled flesh hangs on aching bones, replacing our youthful face and once taut body. Regret and indecision can dominate our dreams and cloud our minds with doubt, but do not let them. You are who are – you cannot be another person. You can, however, decide to change. Make the most of those years of experiences. Make positive pledges to yourself. Focus on acceptance and forgiveness.

Do not waste your precious life lamenting the past – overcome dark yesterdays. Accept harmful events of the past like stepping stones across the river of time. Leave behind those burdens you bear. Allow your authentic self to shine once again as it did when you were young. Connect your spirit to actions that benefit others and lead the way to peace and understanding. Radiate the positive light of divine eternal love, knowing you are loved. You are incomparable. Move forward.

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