Our Shared Reality

We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.William James

Standing at the edge of the stormy deep, I sense the pulse of millions of my fellow humans. Beyond the artificial boundaries of nations and politics, lie the vast interlaced storylines of our species. Life sweeps away one life and sweeps in another as countless births and deaths occur each day. This is true everywhere.

All those we love, all those we know and those we will never know – meet the same fate. The physical body returns to the cosmic dust from which it was born. But the mystery of mysteries lies in the timeless moment our spirit lifts the veil in place since birth. I look without seeing, over the horizon to you all my companions in time and wonder. Do you too feel the connection we have in the deep?

There are profound wisps of immutable energy swirling between us all – now and forever. We all are formed from unquenchable fire, and occupy this form for all too few precious moments. But oh how we can revel in those moments. Staring across the deep I feel humanity whispering, snoring, laughing, crying, singing in ten thousand languages. We are at times like 7.5 billion islands each to our own. But in truth we drink and breathe from the same sky.

What we discover is up to each of us. In my wanderings these days I have discovered our common humanity forged over millions of years. At times I see it in the flotsam and jetsam deposited on my beach. But more often I sense the pulse of humankind, carried in the winds and waves. And oh how I dance out here on my enclave in time, knowing we all are brothers and sisters connected in the deep.

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