Simple Taoist Meditation

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity. Voltaire

Meditation is an ancient practice that predates written history. There have been artistic depictions of meditation in the Indian subcontinent going back over 7,000 years. There are countless forms of meditative practices written about in thousands upon thousands of texts. Most forms of meditation are rooted in the concept of releasing conscious thoughts in order to connect to a higher, infinite reality.

Meditative states can take many forms also. Again, there are hundreds of techniques, which impact various areas of your body/heart/mind. I admit I am not an expert on any meditation techniques that require series of instruction. I have been meditating for decades however. Perhaps it is my nature, but I struggle with lengthy techniques and convoluted “spiritual” teachings. For me, meditation is supposed to be uncomplicated and, after enough practice, unconscious. So I practice a variation of ancient Taoist (Daoist) form of meditation called Zuowang – “Sitting and Forgetting”.

There are extremely complicated forms of Taoist meditation. These teachings promise all kinds of positive results – spiritual, mental, physical, and even sexual. And they include many strange rituals. But the ancient Taoists simplified life. Sitting and Forgetting can also be practiced standing up, which is what I do during my walking meditations at the beach. Empty your thoughts as best as you can. Inhale slowly to the count of four. Hold the breath for four beats. Exhale for four beats. Repeat until you have emptied your thoughts of the future and the past. Be in the Now. When stray thoughts interfere, refocus on your breathing until you are once again at peace.

To do this at home, office, in the car,… : Sit comfortably, focus on your breathing 4-4-4. The breathing relaxes your body and relieves stress. Less stress, less anxiety and worry. Reduced anxiety, fewer thoughts until you are not thinking of anything at all. As before, if a stray thought injects itself, refocus on your breathing. Image your exhalations are a breeze blowing the random thoughts away.

When you find all your thoughts have drained away, you are at one with the infinite. This so-called Void – is referred to as “pregnant space” in some ancient Taoist teachings. Whereas your normal life crackles with kinetic energy, this space hums with potential energy waiting to be released (born). In our bodies, these two forms of energy must be balanced. Life- energy is called Qi, or Chi : Ki – Japan; Prana or Shakti – India; Ka – Ancient Egypt; Pneuma – Ancient Greek;… Meditation helps you balance the forces so you can be healthier. Take time everyday to meditate. If you like more involved techniques, find a great teacher. If not, simply Sit (or walk) and Forget. Bless you.

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