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Positive Light is the spiritual energy within us all. Stand in a positive light and illuminate the way forward for yourself and for others.

The Opening sentence from my semi-autobiographical novella Positive Light. Today I am posting excerpts from the first five pages.

“Opening a sacred interchange with the divine clarifies the spirit’s struggle for direction. When the cosmic soul answers, the familiar world is obliterated – blown to dust with one almighty whisper. Silence your doubts and uncertainty and connect to the all-encompassing being. Share in ancestral wonderment whenever. Look up at the stars with hope knowing we are not alone in the incredible vastness. Look into the eyes of a newborn child and glimpse the reflection of our own origins. This endlessly ricocheting echo of eternity pulses within us all. Crossing the metaphysical boundaries reveals subtle circuits of reality connected to ancient yesterdays that continue to influence the future. Long ago, I took to heart the advice of a mountain sage; the human mind has the power to shape reality. This near-death contact with the cosmic consciousness has manifested in many ways…

Don’t constrict your life with negative pessimism where you think through all the potential bad scenarios. Psychologists call this behavior prefactual thinking. You are living too much in the imagined future and not enough in the here and now….

“…Your panic attacks can be prevented if you learn to switch the powerful negative feelings into powerful positive feelings. Stop trying to calm down and chill out. Seize the power over your life. You are anxious because you care, and anxiety can be a means to focus. But worrying and brooding wastes your energy. When you feel those anxious emotions rising, imagine the waves on the beach rolling towards you. Repeat to yourself, ‘I’m excited!’ …

“Just remember you don’t have anything to prove to anyone. You raised us well. You worked hard for your students. Now we want you to be happy. So how are you doing now?”

“Everything’s beachy.”

After the stinging torment of his divorce subsided, Samuel would often take his daughters to the beach. On one day the three of them had flown kites and dug sandcastles all morning. That joyous day Margaret his youngest daughter roared with laughter when a wave knocked her off her feet. Samuel asked if she was okay, and she answered, “Everything’s Beachy.” The three of them howled with laughter at her play on words. Forever after the phrase became their personal code for letting each other know that although life wasn’t perfect it was tolerable….(end of excerpt)

And so to all of you out there. Have a marvelous day. Stay Positive. Remember, everything’s beachy when you let the positive light shine.

This is the link to my novella on American Amazon. For all of my fantastic readers who are not in the US, you can search for the proper link on your regional Amazon.

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