Spiritual Journeying

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.Ursula K. Le Guin

Every day is a journey from rising to slumber. In between there are countless moments ever changing from Now to Now. What carries us – the self we call home – along in this ever flowing stream called time?

As a young man I filled notebooks large and small with poetry, prose, doodles, even public telephone numbers (not sure now why I did that). Later, I wrote the first drafts of my novels, short stories, magazine and newspaper articles. For a time I was the managing editor and lead writer for a monthly magazine and newspaper in China, and at that time I filled notebooks with interviews and research. Now, in addition to freelancing, I try to write positive notes as I journey along and toss them at times into the vastness of space-time and cyberspace.

Having goals keeps us motivated and sane. Essentially, life is about progression, but not just going from A to B on to C… Curiosity plays a big part in the decision to undertake a journey far from home. Each of us moves through the finite number of days we are allotted. So, in a sense, our journeys all end the same – with The END. But is “shuffling off the mortal coil”, as Hamlet said, truly the end? The coil he spoke of is the bustling turmoil of daily life. To nourish our infinite souls we undertake spiritual journeys.

At times the coiling tendrils of commonplace concerns wrap themselves around us. We become constricted and conflicted. Ordinary matters are substituted for higher aspiration until we feel aimless.

During chaotic times, we must search for our true center. Zen masters would say – Freedom comes when we do not resist change. The journey you are on is unique, but you are not alone. Look deep within; you will feel the connection to all humanity and to the Universe. When you discover that center, you are awake. Open your eyes to the new possibilities. Your journey has begun afresh.

Center your thoughts on compassion and understanding. When you travel to unfamiliar places and far off lands, you will find that you can make yourself at home. Friends await you as well. On such an enriching life-journey, even the smallest bubble of time can contain a priceless treasure. In the end, your roaming will reveal one of life’s greatest secrets. You are already home.

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