Take out the Trash

You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. – Thich Nhat Hanh

In honor of my mother who taught me to love nature, at the start of this new decade I have started bringing a bag with me to collect the trash I find along the way. When I was a boy one of my chores was taking out the trash. I faithfully did this job for many years. This was one of a countless lessons my mom taught me – be responsible. We all carry within our hearts our Mother Earth. You can call this connection to the planet anything you wish, but we are all, each and every one of us, and everyone you know or who has ever lived – Earthlings.

People recreate in nature with their friends, family and pets. Some do not take responsibility for their trash and drop it thoughtlessly behind them as they wander. There are those who toss waste into the water thinking if it floats away it is no longer theirs. But the responsibility for these bits and pieces of rubbish then shifts to their fellow earthlings who see this crap spoiling their enjoyment of Mother Earth. People cannot claim ignorance of the impact of pollution any longer. There has been far too much effort given globally to environmental education for anyone to say they did not know pollution is harmful. No, they simply do not care.

This is not just an abstract concept known as “the environment” – this – all around you – is your home. Would you willfully trash your family home? If not, then take it with you – whatever you bring with you -take it away with you. This is a simple thing all we earthlings can do. Bring a bag! Put your trash in the bag, pick up after yourself, and dispose of the trash where it belongs. Why do so many still lack the sense of personal responsibility to pick up after themselves?

We have to put our best feet forward as a species to save our Mother Earth. There is no alternative. This decade we all must act. Our this decade could become the zenith of our global civilization. The planet is straining under the load. Help your mother out and bring a bag with you; fill it with other people’s trash and dispose of it properly. Help out Mother Earth. She has given you everything. Be well.

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