Grateful for the Beauty of Life

Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them. – Marcus Aurelius

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so the saying goes. Perhaps that is why I feel that life, no matter how difficult the days and weeks may be, is beautiful. Each of us can feel blessed every day by untold miracles if we rediscover a sense of wonder. This time of year, as the last page of the calendar is turned, brings a sense of disappointment and confusion to some, and joy to others. But Why?

The word “Expectation” comes from the Latin word for “awaiting”. Expectations are focused on looking forward to something happening in the future. This constant looking towards to the future drains the life out of the present. Hopes and wishes dull the brilliance of appreciating the allure of the everyday. Our experiences stretch across our dreams like the coarse threads of rough curtains draped over the current moment. We forestall today’s enjoyment in favor of a potential greater beauty just ahead.

Meanwhile the days sprout and fade one by one while the pageantry of common charms slip by unnoticed. I’ve been a cloud fancier for as long as I can remember. The ever-changing patterns and unimaginable spectrum of colors has provided indescribable beauty throughout my life. Take the time to look and splendid sights will be revealed.

With the coming of the new decade, resolve to see the beauty around you. The Latin derivative of beauty – bellus – is related to the Latin word bonus, which means good and virtuous. May you receive the bonus of having a more beautiful life in the coming New Year. And may your heart run with the stars.

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