Take Control of Your Future

A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.Helen Keller

Life is made of moments both momentous and mundane. There are times when attention lapses and disaster strikes and in a split second life can be annihilated. But fortune can also play a hand – fate steps in and the road continues to unfold for the fortunate.

Portions of our lives are defined by the risks we are willing to take. Time must be taken to consider the options whenever a momentous decision is upon us, and for some a prayer or two may be offered to the benevolent divinities. The universe will respond when those entreaties are made with sincerity and love.

There is always a tomorrow until that final moment. Take control of your future and believe deeply in the connection between your life and the universe. The universe awaits your earnest devotion. You can always “make the turn” and change. Change is the essence of life, and that desire for change is the universe whispering to your heart.

Listen to your heart. Silence your doubts and follow your instincts. Those instincts have come to you from across the timeless past. Do not overthink the decisions Believe in yourself and you will be okay. There will be more road for your to follow – just up around the bend.

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