Be at Peace with Yourself

Silence is a source of great strength – LaoZi

Silence is a necessity. Solitude feeds the souls. In the 21st Century there is far too little silence and far too much background noise. The constant bumping and thudding of external distractions keeps the mind agitated and out of focus. Peaceful quiet time alone or with others is crucial to long-term survival in a rapidly changing world.

Don’t always surrender to the tumult. Find the time for stillness. Take yourself out of the churn for precious moments every day. Life is a creative force and the human mind is a miraculous generator if allowed to rest and be still. Walking at the tide’s edge puts me in touch with the creative forces of the universe. The rhythm of the waves and salty breeze resonates with a primal need for contemplation. Hesitation and procrastination are subdued by the persuasive silence.

Silent sand, stone, and shells do not analyze my slow ambling gait. The seagulls and crows do not mind if I stroll past without greeting them. The empty beach is nonjudgmental. The silky duet of wind and wave harmonize with my inner aria rising to a crescendo before a long sustained peaceful decrescendo.

On the grand stage I focus blankly into the distance. A solitary seed of an idea drifts in and grows into artistic sustenance for the walk home. Enveloped by the sounds of the every-day the silence remains, floating across the placid surface of my mind. Be at peace with yourself.

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