Believe in Yourself

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw

So much of our lifetime is spent trying to survive and “get by”. The day to day exist everyone lives can be seem like drudgery or common. These lived moment are crammed with intimate details and myriads of meaning. Creating yourself requires a sense of direction and more than a little courage. Belief in oneself is crucial to creating oneself.

Throughout life there are temptation traps along the way that sidetrack people from what they want to become. These traps play into our vanity, or neediness, or simply offer something desired at the time. Walking down some paths closes the way forward, but all paths open upon a multitude of potential connections.

Like these beached squid egg capsules, some paths potential is canceled out by unforeseen disasters. The conditions change and our decisions lead to no good end. Plans made must be changed to adopt to the situation. If you are headstrong and unwilling to change eventually you will find yourself at a dead end. The one-word description of human success is adaptability.

Some plans lead to success and initiate great change in the future. The key to creating yourself is to understand yourself – this is the initial condition which must be met. Introspection must contain equal measures of humility and steadfastness. A person must be willing to navigate the troublesome to bask in the awesome (inducing reverence).

Maintaining perspective is a critical element of creating yourself. See the passage of life as a marvelous learning experience. Stop along the way and gather your raw materials. Take time to laugh and cry. Express wonder through your actions. And above all see clearly what is true and what is worthy.

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