Free Your Imagination

The possible’s slow fuse is lit by the Imagination – Emily Dickinson

There is a vast unseen universe all about us. The terms and definitions we give to the objects in our world spring from some imaginary place. What perceptible innate quality does one object posses that differentiates it from a similar object? The realm of the imagination connects the logical/scientific to a much deeper and more nuanced appreciation of reality.

Unchaining your imagination frees the mind to wander where it will. There shouldn’t always be a plan or timetable to follow. DO NOT check the time or phone. See the hidden shapes and fabulous designs on display. Art Appreciation students learn to see beyond the superficial in order to gaze upon the extraordinary realm beneath the superficial.


The possible is forged in the imagination. Inspiration gives birth to Innovation. Ideas leap into our minds like sparks from bonfires of revelation. Elements of the explained, cataloged and categorized are dropped into the muse’s illuminating crucible. Imagination fans the flames beneath the tangible to summon the intangible.

Make us

Make use of free time to muffle rational thoughts. Hear instead the universe’s whispers. Through practice the whispers will coalesce and grown into an awakening call.

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