Be Grateful for Those You Love

Let us be grateful for the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Marcel Proust

Be eternally grateful for the people in your life who shine a positive light upon your day. Every day give thanks to the almighty universe for being fortunate enough to witness another day dawn. Send your heart soaring into the clouds to greet the sun, for you are alive to witness the splendor.

Gather your prayers for those you love and speak from your hear with the fullest joy you can muster. Look forward to the day’s challenges and rewards as an opportunity and not a burden. There before you is the canvas on which to paint your living dream. Step into the dawn and sing. Implore the sky to send down its warmth and the earth to welcome your steps. You are loved.

Each day we walk into the glorious potentiality of our blossoming soul. At any moment our lives can change. Our paths may be altered in a positive or a negative way. Those who make us happy will continue the journey with us no matter the consequences. They are truly like gardeners caring for our happiness. Consider yourself fortunate for the smiles you give and receive. Cast that happiness in the air around you and receive happiness with gratitude and grace. Do not expect others to make you happy – be receptive to being happy and reflect delight on your face.

Find happiness today and for each day forward. Let go of the negative unhappy thoughts that cloud your judgment and keep you in shadows. Anxiety and disappointment are inevitable, but do not tolerate them dominating your thoughts. Look around you. Breathe in and release the negative. Practice self-care. Be thankful for those who bring you happiness and BE WELL 🙂

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