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I remember him as something left behind on the road of life – as something I have passed, rather than having actually been -and almost think of him as someone else.

Charles Dickens

Each season of our life imprints upon our hearts a record of its passing. What did we accomplish, learn or need to forget. Behind it all is the same transcendent force that fastens us to the growing grass and roaring sea – Time.

Each of us casts off the empty guises we wear throughout our lives when we have outgrown the need for them. Adopting temporary characteristics or beliefs is a crucial human adaptation. The mind’s repository overflows with learned behaviors which in turn are stitched together into a patchwork of superficial identity presented publicly.

Some parts we play last but a few seasons or perhaps a few days before they are left behind. These discarded bits and pieces of what we once were are dissipated beneath the changing tides of time.

Other parts we play become integrated into our deep-seated nature. Elements of our core identity flow from our actions. By overcoming the rocky paths met along the way, we increase endurance and wisdom by understanding our hardships and appreciating our blessings.

On the road of life, the years – good and bad – hew our essence. Our time on earth is finite. Our spirit, however, is infinite.

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