Flow with Life

We all sit here stranded, though we’re all doin’ our best to deny it. Bob Dylan

No matter how far we may roam, we all came from somewhere and a portion of our heart, large or small, yearns to remain attached somehow to the source of our genesis. Making our way gingerly at first, all life venture forth into the greater world. Departure is critical to survival. Life has emerged in a myriad of forms and each of those are our far-flung cousins.

Far-flung is a strange kinetic term. Life has been flung far and wide from the most ancient origins. Adapt or die is the motto of life. Humans have the capacity to adapt to extremes much like the least complex life forms – bacteria. But habitat is key to the survival of species. The more specific the adaptation, the more fragile the survival. As habitats are increasingly degraded globally by climate change, life’s endurance becomes increasingly fragile.

When individual lifeforms die, their remains are recycled. Life disintegrates and reintegrates into new life. On our living planet all life is interconnected in one way or another. According to the principle of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it instead can transform from one form to another. This life-energy flows through us all along thousand-fold channels across air, land and sea.

There is an intimate beauty in the final array of remains. Inexorably the force of flowing tides gathers together remnants and weaves them into poignant displays across the sand. We all are stranded here on this single planet – this single point of origin. Our home does not belong to humans alone, but to all life.

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