Express Your Gratitude Today

The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time. Jack London

Rise in the morning and greet the sun. Do not waste the dawning of a new day. One never knows when the last day will come. That is the bittersweet angst of being human. Summon positive thoughts to confront the issues of the day. Do not make mountains from molehills, but also do not shrink away from those mountains ahead you must climb.

Each and every day we are confronted, to varying degrees, with patterns and clues – hints about the way to direct our efforts. Each day is filled with shades and shadows counterbalancing clarity and profundity. Do not focus on the minutiae – instead be in the moments as they come. Flow with time and do not exhaust yourself fighting against the inevitable passage – steer as you go.

The days pile one atop the other gently like snowflakes but sometimes crash down upon you like an avalanche. On those rough days allow your heart a few precious minutes to soar. Remind yourself that each day dawns with promises of change and tantalizing chances for triumph. Seize upon the positive currents and sweep past the gloom.

Before the day ends express your gratitude, whisper I love you to those you cherish whether near or far. Do not take for granted that there is another day to wait. Waste not this day, these sweet joyous moments of life. The light you create now will blaze on into eternity. Begin, this day, to shine.

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